Burkee Comfort Club

Priority Service • Savings • Peace of Mind 

No one wants to deal with heating and air conditioning woes throughout the year. As a Burkee Comfort Club member, your family stays comfortable without a second thought. Our highly-trained service technicians will verify safe and efficient performance of your equipment with regular visits, and you’ll receive priority service should any malfunctions occur. Gone are the days of putting up with a broken system for days at a time!

Your Perks Include:

✓ Priority Customer Status
✓ 24-hour Emergency Service
✓ Agreement is Transferable
✓ Automatic Renewal without Equipment Re-Inspection
✓ 10% Discount on Service Calls

✓ Company Will Call/E-mail When Service is Due
✓ Improved Efficiency
✓ Extended Equipment Life
✓ Improved Safety
✓ Improved Capacity
✓ Water Heater Coverage Included At No Add’l Cost


Scheduled Visits Include:

  • Clean or replace standard air filters (Supplied by customer) 
  • Inspect inside cooling coil (Clean with evaporator cleaner) 
  • Clean & test condensate drain 
  • Inspect blower components – clean and adjust as necessary 
  • Inspect condense coil – chemically clean as necessary 
  • Lubricate all moving parts (where applicable) 
  • Inspect and tighten all loose electrical connections 
  • Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors
  • Monitor air conditioning and heating cycles 
  • Inspect heat exchanger and burners – clean & adjust as necessary 
  • Check gas piping for condition 
  • Inspect pilot operation – adjust as necessary 
  • Monitor flue draft for safe operation 
  • Inspect & test safety controls 
  • Check air flow for proper temperature rise 
  • Inspect thermostat operations

Seasonal Visits Schedule

March – May For Cooling
Sept. – Nov. For Heating

NOTE: Visits not completed within the contract term will not be replaced or credited.


2020 Burkee Comfort Club Pricing

Annual Plans (2 PM visits per year)

#3 Gas Furnace & A/C2 Visits$228$19.00
#5 Oil Furnace & A/C2 Visits$349$29.08
#7 Gas Boiler & A/C2 Visits$228$19.00
#9 Oil Boiler & A/C2 Visits$349$29.08
#11 Heat Pump2 Visits$228$19.00
#14 Ductless Mini Split2 Visits$228
$49 ea. add’l head
#15 Dual Fuel System with Gas Backup2 Visits$277$23.08
#16 Dual Fuel System with Oil Backup2 Visits$399$33.25

Seasonal Plans (Single Visit)

#1 Air Conditioning1 Visit$120
#2 Gas Furnace1 Visit$120
#4 Oil Furnace1 Visit$244
#6 Gas Boiler1 Visit$120
#8 Oil Boiler1 Visit$244
#10 Heat Pump1 Visit$120
#12 Ductless Mini Split1 Visit$120
$49 ea. add’l head
#17 High Efficiency Gas Boiler1 VisitCall for Quote
HumidifierAdditional $10/year

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